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Founder, The Deming Forum of India

Honorary Member, Deming Alliance, UK

Advisory Council Member, W. Edwards Deming Institute, USA

Currently a professor in Operations Management, Balaji Reddie has been interested in the Deming Philosophy since 1994. 

He began his correspondence with Dr. Henry Neave in 1998 and invited him to deliver a lecture series on the Deming Philosophy in 2001—the first of its kind in India.

He has also presented a paper at the W. Edwards Deming Institute and met with Dr. J.M. Juran for an hour on February 21, 2002.

His contributions have been featured as a separate section in the ‘12 Days to Deming’ course developed by Dr. Henry R. Neave, launched in 2020.

Balaji Reddie's expertise lies in coaching and implementing the works of W. Edwards Deming.

He also teaches Management of Operations, Design of Provider Networks (Supply Chains), Business Process Re-engineering, and Total Quality Management

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